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About the School

Shri Datta Vidya Mandir

The foundation of SDVM was laid in 2000 with a view to impart quality education to the masses. Right from the inception to this date, the school has upheld its promise to develop responsible leaders of tomorrow. Today it is a fully developed institution with more than 650 students & 33 staff members with classes from Nursery to Std XII.

SHRI DATTA VIDYA MANDIR strives to deliver quality education with an emphasis on a deep rooted value system. We nurture children's intellect and support their emotional, moral and spiritual well-being. Each child is god's own creation and we at SDVM appreciate the unique, individual talents of children and follow an instructional strategy that suits their different learning styles. This multi-faceted learning-teaching approach allows children to understand and imbibe lessons completely and apply them to real-life situations. The school's active and dynamic learning environment provides them with a wholesome educational experience. To ensure that not a single child is left out, we have developed an intelligent learning delivery model which we call IntelligeX . It ensures multi-dimensional learning of every child and helps us bring out their natural talent and give shape to their creative thinking

At the school, we have state of the art infrastructure facilities for the pursuit of the teaching-learning activity. Our science laboratories are well-equipped with modern scientific apparatus and equipment.ZEE Science Gakken, Digi School, Well-stacked library, projector & computer enabled classrooms, activity hall and sports facilities facilitate the To provide accessible, affordable and contemporary education with a deep-rooted value system.


We Care for Academic Development

Academics are a vital part of student life .Academics along with experience defines brilliance. The school follows state board curriculum & imparts stress free education at all levels. Education is based on developing various elementary skills & performing activities. Computer literacy right from standard 1 and active participation of students in national and state level academic forums is encouraged.

Equal stress on Co-curricular activities along with academics strikes a perfect balance and helps in retaining interest in students. Various activities like Debates, Elocutions & Science talks are arranged on a regular basis.

Fun filled field trips and educational tours to Zoos, Museums, Printing press & different factories like Ice-cream, Cola refilling plant, Biscuit, Spinning mills etc. give live learning experience to children and something to look forward to.

Physical fitness and mental health go hand in hand. A sound body harbours a sound mind .Regular coaching is given to them in outdoor sports like Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Chess & Yoga All these sports discipline the mind and the body and prepare students to face the demanding world. Scouts & guides is an important feature of the school. Children are taught teamwork and a sense of belongingness is implanted in their mind. They participate in various social service activities and represent the school at camps organised by Bharat Scouts & Guides. Annual sports day is celebrated with full enthusiasm & zeal. The children take part in various races & games and healthy competition is encouraged.