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Fit India Movement

Shri Datta Vidya Mandir has taken an initiative towards being fit and from 18th to 23rd November students has done several activities to actively participated in Fit India Movement.

After morning assembly students did Yoga and got to know the importance of it as it keeps oneself fit and healthy. Students did Mass PT ,got to know how essencial exercise is for health as it is truly said that “HEALTH IS WEALTH” and wealth of health can only be maintained by proper workout and daily bases exercise.

“Poster Making Competition” was also organized for students and they actively participated. All the students came together and used their innoviative ideas for showing their creativity. By this activity faculty also got to know how creative students are and who all can be the artist in future.

Activity on Fitness and Nutrition for students was also taken by encouraging them to present it in a collage form. Students came up with their various idea and made collages. This activity helped them to be aware which ingredient gives which nutrition and how important every food ingredient is for us.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago” . The second best time is now” with this the students of Shri Datta Vidya Mindir took an iniciative towards plantation. All the students came along , planted trees and did gardening. They even got to stay with the nature around and vow to keep the beauty of nature safe forever.

The success of this session was supported by Mrs.Pratibha Mahant -Secretary of Shri Datta Vidya Mandir, Mrs. Priti Mahant (Kanatkar) –Director of Shri Datta Vidya Mandir, Mrs. Anita Tagade - Admin Officer of Shri Datta Vidya Mandir, Mrs. Deepali Mehrotra- Principal of Shri Datta Vidya Mandir(CBSE).