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Music (Indian Music, Western Music, Dance, Tabla)

What else could be a better way to learn co-ordination and flexibility at an early age than music and dance? Music and dance classes at the school help children co-ordinate within the self and in a group better and create awareness for the surrounding space. At SDVM, we teach children a variety of dance styles including western dance even in elementary classes. In music classes we teach them both Indian and western classical music.


Children with interest in music get opportunity to pick the instrument(Tabla/Drum Set/ Congo/ Bongo/ Tumba/ Octopad/ Organ/ Harmonium/ Guitar) of their choices and receive expert guidance to follow their passion up to higher levels.


Music as a profession to maintain a pace over ones mind is a very good tool. we emphasis music in classical as well as western training . Students are give an opportunity to learn Indian classical as well as western music in the same institute under the guidance of well trained masters.


All kind of dance are trained according to ones interest students are also trained for fock, traditional, patriotic dances bringing the essence of our mixed culture. All the students participate in the events held in school.a child can get mastery in - Katthak dance, Western dance, Semi classical dance.