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Secretary's Message

Shri Datta Vidya Mandir

In the 13 years of service to community respected Mrs. Pratibha Mahant, Secretary of Shree Balaji Shikshan Santha has played remarkable role in the growth and development of the school. It is her 20 year of dedicated and committed work in the field of administration during which she has observed and understood every minute detail and has left no stone unturned in applying all her experience and helping the school attain this status and success in such a short span of time

We are also thankful to the board members under the chairman ship of hon'ble Shri Dattaji Meghe for the support in undertaking the programmes for children development. In spite of his entire busy work schedule hon'ble Shree Dattaji Meghe Sir has always given time to us and has been with the students to appreciate and encourage them. Yes, I can say the School is blessed with the commitment and vision of hon'ble Shree Dattaji Meghe. During his tenure the facilities of the school have greatly enhanced hence the opportunity for student the numbers have increased and the name of the SDVM has emerged as an educational institution, which produces success in every student. I am also glad to work under the dynamic personality.

                                     Smt. Pratibha Mahant